Sunday, June 05, 2005

Some time...

today to just play around and see if I can turn this blog into something with some graphics and maybe some knitting content. I have downloaded "hello" and we will see...HELLO? if I can make it work!! Well the picture is to get it to mesh with this..hmmmm

OH MY!! GOODNESS! That really was just too easy! Look out! Now that I can post pictures I know that I will write and post more.

Why I have a lovely just lovely sleeveless cotton sweater that I can't wait to show off. I wore it to our SnB group Wednesday night and again yesterday to the Renaisance Festival where my son was in a couple of plays. It really is fun to have people ask you if you made what you have on. It was really fun for me because this is my first real article of clothing! you know what I mean? The kind that actually fits you instead of sitting on top of your head or wrapped around your neck. I know no one is reading this yet as it is so new so I guess the suspense will not be all that great!!


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